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Travel CPAP

Travel CPAP Units: Lightweight, Portable & Reliable

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Do I need a prescription to purchase a portable CPAP?

Yes, we will need to obtain a portable CPAP prescription with your setting on it before we can send the unit to you. Please view the instructions on the portable CPAP product page in order to understand how to send us your prescription.


Will my insurance be billed for a portable CPAP?

Because the portable CPAP would be an additional unit to your regular CPAP, the portable units are not covered under insurance. However, talk with a retail representative about 10% off, free shipping, and free set-up!


What are the benefits of a portable CPAP compared to a regular CPAP?

Portable CPAPs allow you to travel without the large size and weight of your regular CPAP. Our portable units are extremely light, fit in your hand, and require little space in your suitcase. You will then have plenty of room in your suitcase for other items!


Are these smaller CPAPs meant for every night use?

The portable CPAPs are not meant for every night use. Please continue to use your regular CPAP every night and the portable unit for traveling only.


Are these units going to wake me or my partner up at night?

No. The units are very quiet. You will still get your rest!