Rolling Shower Transport Chair

These Shower Transport & Transfer Chairs were designed to help caregivers take care of patients who are at risk for accidents, slips or falls in the shower. Whether it's due to an injury or loss of mobility due to stroke or accident, a patient can sit comfortably in the chair & their caregiver can roll them into a shower. The tilt in place feature helps to ensure that a caregiver can conveniently bath a patient without having to strain to support a patient's weight at odd or difficult angles that open themselves up for an injury or fall.

Shower chairs with wheels easily transport a patient with limited mobility into the shower. These chairs feature non skid wheel casters that enable the caregiver to safely roll the family member, friend or patient to the bathroom. Once there, the caregiver can roll the user straight into a walk in shower and bathe the patient without requiring much heavy lifting. The casters lock into place to prevent the chair from moving or sliding while showering. Arms rests give the user a grab bar to hold on to while being pushed for extra safety. Many shower chairs feature a commode seat for versatility and convenience.