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Portable Ramps (Threshold & Folding)

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Portable Wheelchair Ramps: Affordable, Durable & Easy-to-Install!

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From a single step on a walkway to the steps leading up to your front door, there are many portable ramp options that will help both user and caregiver feel safe leaving the home. Other people may have an issue safely moving through their home without tripping over a door threshold. Modular and angled threshold ramps can be used at any entry door to ease movement from one room to another.


What lengths do ramps come in?

Wheelchair ramps come in an assortment of sizes depending on the type of ramp. The ramps we offer range from a 1 inch threshold ramp up to a 10 foot trifold ramp.


How long of a ramp do I need?

Please refer to our guide on how to measure an incline for a wheelchair ramp for residential use.


How much weight can a wheelchair ramp support?

Wheelchair ramps are made of high strength materials to provide the structural reinforcement to make the user feel safe. In addition, wheelchair ramps typically support between 600-800 lbs. to accommodate the weight of the user plus the weight of their walker, wheelchair, scooter or mobility equipment.


What material are the ramps made from?

Scooter and wheelchair ramps are constructed from lightweight aluminum, ultra-lightweight graphite fiber or 100% recycled rubber depending on the type of ramp. All materials are durable, lightweight and non-corrosive, making them perfect for use indoors or outdoors.


Are these ramps portable?

Yes. Regardless of whether the ramp you choose is a threshold ramp, a suitcase ramp or a trifold ramp, each ramp is made to be lightweight and easy to transfer from one location to another. Several ramps feature comfortable handles or include a carry bag with purchase to aid in transport.


What is the difference between a suitcase ramp and trifold ramp?

A suitcase ramp differs from a trifold ramp in how they are folded. A suitcase ramp consists of one hinge to fold in half by width. This ramp is full length and half the width when folded. A trifold ramp consists of two hinges: one fold in half by width then a second fold in half by length. This ramp is half the length and half the width when folded.


How difficult is it to install a wheelchair ramp?

Wheelchair ramps are simple and quick to install. Ramps are shipped fully assembled. All wheelchair ramp purchases include an easy to follow instruction guide with attachment directions. Minimal tools are required.