Pediatric Bath Chairs & Special Needs Bath Seats

Pediatric bath chairs provide support and stability to children with special needs as they are bathed by their caregiver. These bath chairs are designed with many adjustable size and positioning features to adapt to the specific needs of each child. In addition, special needs bath seats promote safety first by providing full support for the child’s body. There are several more advantages to using a pediatric bath chair to bathe a child.

  • Can support children from infancy up to 160 lbs, depending on the chair model
  • Adjustments can be made to the height, seat width and seat depth to suit child.
  • Seat and backrest adjust independently to multiple angles.
  • Safety straps and belts for the waist, legs and arms help children stay seated without the risk of them wiggling out of the chair while the caregiver is trying to bathe them.
  • Headrest can be modified by height and width to securely support the child’s head and neck.
  • Seat and backrest made of fast drying fabric.
  • Fits in a standard sized tub.
  • Lightweight for easy transport and storage.