OxyGo NEXT Desktop Battery Charger

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The OxyGo NEXT External Battery Charger will charge the OxyGo NEXT single and double batteries. The desktop charger allows for charging an extra battery while charging another battery connected to the POC. Includes Battery Charger, Power Supply, and AC Input Cord.


To use the OxyGo NEXT Desktop Battery Charger:

  1. Plug the External Battery Charger AC power supply cord into an electrical
  2. Plug the External Battery Charger AC power supply into the battery charger.
  3. Slide your OxyGo NEXT Battery Charger onto the OxyGo NEXT Battery by clicking and locking into the charger.
  4. When the battery is in the correct position, a solid red light will indicate that the battery is charging.
  5. When the green light illuminates, the battery is fully charged.