OxyGo FIT Single 4 Cell Rechargeable Battery

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The OxyGo FIT Single 4 Cell Rechargeable Battery will power the OxyGo FIT® without connection to an external power source. When fully charged, a single battery will provide up to 2.7 hours of operation. The battery recharges when properly installed in the OxyGo FIT® and the concentrator is connected to AC or DC power. Recharging time is up to 3 hours for a single battery.


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions of Unit with standard battery: 5.91" x 2.68" x 7.2"free-consultation-banner-oxygo-fit-access2.jpg
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.27 kg) with standard battery installed
  • Standard Battery Duration: Up to 2.7 hours
  • Battery Recharge Time: Up to 3 hours with AC or DC power


Standard Battery Run Time Averages Per Setting
  • 2 Hours 40 minutes at Setting 1
  • 2 Hours 15 minutes at Setting 2
  • 1 Hour 20 minutes at Setting 3