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Lightweight Wheelchairs

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User operated folding wheelchairs are generally heavier than transport chairs, but the industry has done a nice job of getting them down to manageable weights.


The popular Cougar Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is 27 lbs. and loaded with features including detachable arms, elevating leg rests, and quick-release wheels that bring the folded chair to a slim 12”.


The next weight range includes: The Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair at 37 lbs. which is highly maneuverable and has affoldable back and frame with quick release rear wheels.


If the expected user has even a small inclination and ability to move themselves, the large rear wheels are an open invitation to greater independence – a clear advantage over transport chairs.   


Almost everything on these chairs can be adjusted to fit your needs or that of the patient, from the height, to the amount of back support on down to being able to adjust where the rear tires hit the ground.