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Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Chairs & Standard Wheelchairs- They're not the same.

Standard Wheelchairs have large wheels that allow the user to move the chair forward. Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs have small wheels because they are meant to be pushed from behind by a caregiver. Transport Chairs are ideal for trips, long or short, if you have someone to push your chair.


Although smaller, transport chairs carry just as much weight as a standard wheelchair. Our lightest transport chair weighs a mere 14.5 lbs yet supports up to 250 lbs. Most frames are aluminum; some come with colored frames or patterned upholstery. These mobility chairs fold to a size that will easily fit in your trunk or closet. Lighweight transport wheelchairs, with larger, 7” wheels, will allow for smooth riding over grass or rough terrain. Some chairs feature padded seats, extending the time you can spend in the chair. Examine the seat and armrest design to be sure you would be comfortable using them for hours at a time. Also, measure hallways, turns, and doors, to be sure your chair will pass through easily. 


With so many to choose from, careful consideration is the watch-word.