Invacare Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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The Invacare Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) is designed with ease of use and reliability in mind, featuring a rugged yet practical design that is water proofed, temperature tolerant, and everyday life resistant.*


Features & Benefits



  • Appealing non-clinical design and interfaceinvacare-platinum-poc-display2.jpg
  • Designed to endure the bumps and bruises of daily activity
  • Suitable for use at home, hospital or on the go
  • Attractive & sleek design
  • Lightweight at 4.98 lbs. with standard battery
  • Built with advanced Sensi-Pulse Technology that adjusts automatically to deliver the right amount of oxygen to you
  • Simple user interface that operates with only 4 large, LCD Large buttons that are easy to see and understand, and are sealed for water and bacteria resistance.
  • Easily see battery charge levels with the built-in visual indicators
  • Hot swap, top load batteries let you switch batteries without turning unit off or removing it from the bag.
  • Easily switch to backpack, purse or messenger style carrying with just a few simple adjustments
  • Intakes and exhausts are designed to dissipate heat, allowing POC to function up to 104º F
  • Can be stored in temperature as low as -13º F and high as 140º F with no impact to functionality once brought back to room temperature
  • Downward facing ports, reinforced seals on battery door, and integrated drainage channels built into bag easily repel moisture and water
  • Integrated bag bumpers, filter, and padding help protect the unit from daily bumps and everyday use
  • Dedicated portal provides near real-time and historical use data and performance metrics by device.
  • Easy to use patient app provides pulse display, battery level, battery time remaining, guides and more.
  • Standard battery has a duration up to 4 hours
  • Limited 3 year warranty


Specifications (with Standard Battery)



Please refer to the Additional Info tab for more technical specifications. 


*Please note that the Invacare Platinum is a portable oxygen concentrator and requires a valid, U.S. prescription prior to shipment. Once you place an order a My Care Home Medical representative will follow up with you to help you gather your RX information.


Weather Everyday Life from Daily Bumps to Varying Climates

You have places to go and things to do—and your oxygen concentrator should not slow you down. That’s why the Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator was designed with practical durability in mind to help you weather your day. The quiet and lightweight Platinum Mobile  Oxygen Concentrator presents a compact and  easy-to-use package designed for your convenience and peace-of-mind, and durable enough to weather your everyday.

  • Hot summer morning? No sweat. Your POC can withstand 41° to 104° F (5 to 40° C) of heat while your car cools down on your way to your appointment.
  • Daily Bumps? No fear. Integrated bumpers and padding give you protection.
  • A quick rain shower? No problem. You can make it from your car to the store without worrying about your POC.
  • On-the-go? No worries. Quick strap conversion gives you comfort with 3 carrying options.

And no more hassle with batteries! The innovative Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator design lets you swap out batteries right on the top of the unit, so you don’t need to take off the bag. Best of all, you can swap the batteries while the unit is running instead of shutting it off. Plus Invacare Sensi-Pulse technology adjusts automatically to deliver the right amount of oxygen to you no matter how much or little oxygen you need at the time. With larger, backlit LCD buttons, you can more easily see the buttons to operate your POC. The entire interface’s clean design is sealed for water and bacteria resistance. Built-in bag bumpers help protect your POC and the integrated filter is right on the outside of the bag for easy cleaning.


Included with your Invacare Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Standard Battery purchase is: Platinum Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Carrying Case, AC and DC Adapters, 1 Standard Battery or Dual Batteries, USB Dongle, and User Manual.