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Diapers & Incontinence

Incontinence is a common issue amongst many adults that can be difficult to deal with in your everyday life, which is why we set out to provide the most effective, discreet and comfortable options available on the market.

Overwhelming positive customer feedback has led us to standing behind many brands such as Primaguard, Tena, Attends, Prevail, Compose, Tranquility, Wings and more.


Designed to be concealed under everyday clothing, all products feature a high level of absorbency while improving air circulation to the wearer’s skin and providing a barrier against moisture and leakage. Different needs demand different products, which is why we offer choices and explain the varying characteristics of each one.


Disposable adult diapers, often referred to as adult briefs or incontinence diapers, are the most common solution for those who live with a total lack of bladder or bowel control. Featuring a cloth-like plastic outer barrier, the inside is composed of cellulose fluff and other superabsorbent polymers that work together to control accidents without sacrificing comfort. Leg elastics, tape or hook-and-loop systems guarantee a snug fit for optimal movement.


Disposable Protective Underwear pulls on and off like any other standard undergarment and is more universal; it is an excellent product for handling issues ranging from light urinary incontinence to complete loss of bladder and bowel control. All disposable underwear features elastic around the waist and legs to ensure a snug fit.


For those with furniture concerns, we recommend reusable incontinence underpads and overlays for use in chairs and beds. Unlike a mattress pad, waterproof underpads allow for fast changing and cleaning after soiling due to them resting on top of the fitted sheet.