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Our all-in-one (3-in-1) Bedside Commodes can be used to assist a person who has difficulty getting to the bathroom. It can also be used over an existing toilet, like a raised toilet seat making it easier for the patient to stand. Drop-arm Commodes have armrests that drop down out of the way to accommodate transfers in confined areas.



How does a commode differ from a raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat must be used as a riser on an existing toilet. While a commode can be used to provide additional seat height to an existing toilet seat, it can also be used outside the bathroom. Each commode includes a commode bucket which allows this piece of medical equipment to be used anywhere around the house or facility as needed, such as next to a bed. Commodes provide convenience and ease of use for those with limited mobility who need to use the bathroom.


How does a shower chair commode differ from a standard commode?

A shower chair commode is created to be used in the water, such as in the shower or the bath tub. A standard commode chair is used outside of the shower or bath tub, such as over an existing toilet or next to the bed.


What different types of commode chairs are available?

Our website offers several different types of commodes to meet various needs. Bedside commode chairs are designed to make toileting simple for those with limited mobility or low strength. Bariatric commode chairs feature a heavy duty structure and an extra wide seat to support a higher weight capacity. There are also drop arm commode chairs to assist with transfers from a wheelchair onto the commode or toilet. Three-in-one commode chairs are the most versatile commode chairs as they can be used as a bedside toilet, a toilet seat riser or toilet safety rails.


How much weight can a commode chair support? 

A standard commode chair can support up to 400 lbs. However a bariatric commode can support between 600-1000 lbs.


What materials are commode chairs made from?

Commode chairs feature a plastic back, seat and armrests attached to a strong steel frame to increase the strength and durability of the chair.


Are commode chairs portable?

Select models of commode chairs offer a folding feature that makes storage and transportation easy and convenient. Weighing a light 13 lbs., the Folding Bedside Commode Chair folds flat and does not require tools for assembly making this commode chair ideal for travelling. Please refer to the product description for each product to determine if the model is portable.


How difficult is it to assemble a commode chair?

There are no tools required to assemble a commode chair making the setup quick and easy. Plus step by step instructions are included with each order to walk you through putting the commode together.


How do I know if a commode chair will work with my existing toilet?

We recommend measuring the length, width and depth of your toilet as well as the space around your toilet or bed (where applicable) before purchasing a commode chair. Compare these measurements to the dimensions of the commode chair to find which commode would be most compatible with your needs.