The Bellavita Auto Bath Lift- A Bathing Solution that Will Change Your Life

11th Jun 2015

While taking a bath is an everyday occurrence for most people, there are many others who face physical limitations that have prevented them from enjoying a bath for months or even years. For these individuals resigned to a shower, bathing is a necessary hassle of life and a time in the day they typically dread. If this person is you or someone you know, we have a solution to your bathing woes: The Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter. This high quality bath lift takes a bathing from a faraway dream to a comfortable reality with a supportive and easy to use system. Let us tell you why the Bellavita Auto Bath Lift with Reclining Bathtub Chair is the bathing solution that you not only want but need to have.

Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter in Bath Tub

Helps People with a Variety of Mobile Limitations

The Bellavita bath lifter can improve symptoms for people with neuromuscular, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases. From lupus to Parkinson’s disease to multiple sclerosis and arthritis, a bath lift can improve circulation and soothe sore muscles for those with limited mobility or balance issues. People who use a bath lift have increased energy levels because they don't have to physically exert themselves. Those who underwent knee surgery find that a bath lift is beneficial to their rehabilitation and recovery. To make life even easier, a rotating disk attachment is available to allow the user to swivel in and out of the bathtub (learn more  here). This bath lift gives those facing medical limitations the opportunity to gain back a luxury that they thought they would never experience again.

Cost Effective

One concern you may have about purchasing a bath lift for yourself or a loved one is the cost. Before bath lifts existed, a person with limited mobility had one option to enable them to shower independently- walk in tub. A walk in tub can cost thousands of dollars for the tub itself not to mention the cost for installation. Now you can save your money with the Bellavita bath lift, a bathing solution that will only cost you a few hundred dollars for the tub and installs for free. Despite the low price tag, this bath lift does not short itself on quality, making it a win for your pockets and a win for your loved one.


When thinking about a bath lift, many people would assume that it would be a heavy piece of equipment. Though the Bellavita auto bath lift is heavy duty, it is actually lightweight and does not require much strength to lift into the bath tub. In fact, looking at other bath lifts on the market today, this lift weighs the least, coming in at only 20.5 lbs. Compared to the daily struggle of lifting a person over 100 lbs. into the tub, the thought of lifting a 20 lb. lift once into the tub is a much simpler task!

Bellavita Bath Lift with Recline

Safe & Secure

A bath lift able to fully support a person must be securely anchored to the tub to prevent sliding and accidents. The Bellavita uses high strength suction cups to affix the legs of the chair to the bottom tub surface to create a non-slip base. Another safety feature is the padded seat that provides comfort and stability. The side flaps on the seat extend outward to allow for safe transfers into the tub. No need to get in the tub, freeze, and wait for the tub to fill before use like you would with a walk in tub. The Bellavita auto bath lifter allows the user to fill the tub with water first before slowly lowering into the tub, saving time and keeping the user safe. This lift is simple to keep clean too with a hygienic cutaway and washable back and seat covers.

Simple Installation

While it may seem intimidating to install a bath lift with so many capabilities into your everyday bath tub, you do not need to be worried about installing the Bellavita bath lift. No matter if you are installing this lift once in your tub at home or several times in hotel rooms as you travel, the two piece construction is quick and easy to assemble. It is so easy that this bath lift does not require any tools to install! Plus this lift is compatible with several types of bathtubs including alcove, free standing and Jacuzzi tubs. A few minutes installation using your current tub is a dream come true compared to an extensive bathroom renovation!

Bellavita Portable Bath Lift

Temporary & Portable

Many of the bathing solutions you have heard about are permanent bathroom renovations that require extensive changes to your existing bathroom. Avoid the high cost and huge hassle to accommodate new bathing equipment with a temporary solution that is as easy to uninstall as it is to install. When not in use, fold down the backrest of the Bellavita reclining bath lift and remove from the tub. This simple storage feature on the Bellavita lift allows the bathtub to be shared by multiple people in the household while fulfilling all of their individual needs. Plus you can take this bath lift with you wherever you go! So don’t feel confined to the house by your bathing limitations. Go see the world- the Bellavita will travel with you!

Wide Height Range & Adjustability Options

While a walk-in bath tub features a fixed height seat and limited adjustability options, the Bellavita bath lift offers the opposite with a wide height range and reclining back rest. When sitting, the seat can be lowered to 2.3” and raised to 18.8”, which suits deeper tubs. The back rest leads the market in recline with the ability to recline 50 degrees at its lowest position. With these vast adjustability options, the user will be able to customize this bath chair to meet their individual needs and comfort.

                               Hand Held, Floating Remote for the Bellavita Auto Bath Lift Chair

Easy to Use

It would seem as though a bath lift with so many features would be complicated to use, however the Bellavita is anything but that. When the Bellavita reclining bathtub chair was designed, the engineers really considered the needs of the user, creating a very user friendly bath lift for the elderly. The handheld remote control features four brightly colored buttons in basic shapes to distinguish the different functions of the chair. While a hook on the side of the lift keeps the remote control readily accessible, the waterproof remote floats in the water so you do not need to worry about dropping it in the water. In addition, the hand control has an outer shell around the sealed compartment to prevent water damage. Speaking of the remote, here’s a tip: Many users recommend charging the lithium ion battery for the hand control for at least 4 hours before your initial use, which allows the lift to last through 5-10 uses.

Improve Quality of Life for User

With its many safety features, this user friendly lift will reduce the burden of bathing on the individual and decrease their reliance on a caregiver. By increasing self-sufficiency, this bathing system makes home care manageable, allowing the user to stay in his or her own home as opposed to living in a care facility. The Bellavita auto bath tub chair seat lift helps those with limited mobility and balance challenges regain their independence while bathing. Many users reported that they had not been able to bathe in a bathtub for years due to their specific condition. The Bellavita offered them a therapeutic retreat that benefitted them physically and mentally. You’ll find satisfaction in soaking your stress away from the comfort of your own home!

Bellavita Bath Chair

Reduces Physical Strain on the Caregiver

Taking a bath can make a person with limited mobility feel like he or she just participated in a triathlon. It can feel the same way for the person who is helping the user bathe. A caregiver may strain his or her back lifting the user in and out of the bathtub, not to mention the burden on the arms and legs. The Bellavita Auto Bath Lift is literally a back saver for the caregiver. Similar to a transfer bench, side flaps on the Bellavita help the slide the individual from the edge of the tub onto the bath seat. Furthermore, the hand control automates the process of lowering the person down into the bathtub and raising the person back up to the surface. So save your back; let the Bellavita bath lift do the heavy lifting for you!

Regardless of the medical circumstance, the Bellavita auto bath lift will make bathing an enjoyable experience once again. By helping a person gain independence, privacy and security in the bathroom, a bath lift like the Bellavita can significantly improve a person’s mental health and physical well-being. The senses of normalcy, freedom and happiness a bath lift can provide a user is worth so much more than a few hundred dollar price tag. So what are you waiting for? See how a bath lift can improve quality of life for you or your loved one. Shop  here for the Bellavita auto bath lift today!