​5 Reasons Why the Freemie Hands Free Breast Pump System is the Best Breast Pump for Working Moms

​5 Reasons Why the Freemie Hands Free Breast Pump System is the Best Breast Pump for Working Moms

Posted by Julie Banyasz on 29th Dec 2014

Balancing work with a new baby is nothing short of hard work. From determining child care to deciding between breast feeding and formula, there are many decisions a working mom has to make even before her newborn arrives. We want to help you prepare for this transition in your life, and have the answer to make your life easier. The Freemie Breast Pumping System is the best breast pump for working moms, hands-down. Here are a few reasons why these breast pumps are the ideal solution for you.

Model with Freemie Collection Cup

1. Concealable Collection Cups

One of your first questions may be: How does this Freemie system work? A simple explanation:  Concealable Collection Cups. Simply slide each cup with comfortable breast funnel underneath your shirt and into your bra for easy and discreet access. Once situated, connect a tube from each cup down your shirt to a  Freemie Freedom PumpFreemie Equality Pump or a compatible leading brand pump (see Reason #5). Easily adjust suction to your comfort level with the control dial. As you pump, milk will collect inside each cup. Once finished, turn off the pump, gently detach the tubes, carefully remove the cups and pour into bottles through the easy pour spout. It is really that easy!

Since these cups are completely wearable, they allow mothers to pump hands free without having to remove any piece of clothing. Each cup fits comfortably inside your everyday bra so there is no need to buy a special bra to accommodate breast feeding. In addition, Collection cups are hardly noticeable under the shirt, helping you to maintain your modesty. These American-made collection cups are free of BPA, DEHP, and natural rubber latex, making them safe and healthy to use. If it seems too good to be true, let us provide a bit more information about these Collection Cups to reassure your doubts.

2. Hands-free Breast Pumping = Ability to Multi-task

With its hand-free capabilities and portable feature, those who use a Freemie breast pump are able to multi-task around the house, in the office and even in the car. At home, a Freemie pump allows the user to prepare dinner, fold laundry or complete other household chores while pumping. When pumping at work, you can set up your Freemie pump at a desk and work on a laptop simultaneously. During your work commute, you can save time by pumping and driving at the same time. Place the pump in the passenger’s seat and the collection cups under the shirt- other drivers will not notice anything out of the ordinary!

Model Multi-Tasking using Freemie Breast Pump

3. Pump anytime, anywhere!

Dr. Stella Dao was a working mom struggling to balance the demands of work with the demands of breast pumping. As a physician, she found that breast pumping did not easily fit into her busy schedule. Dr. Dao wanted to create a breast pumping system that allowed her to pump in public at work, and developed the  Freemie breast pump to suit her needs. The Freemie breast pump was designed to reduce attention to a mother breast-feeding, making her more comfortable as well as those around her. This innovative breast pumping system allows mothers to make the most of their time by making it possible to pump wherever they are, whenever they want. No longer do you have to plan your whole day around when you are going to pump. Whether you are working on your computer, making dinner or hosting family and friends, the pump seamlessly fits into your schedule. Also, the Freemie pump does not make a lot of noise, minimizing distraction for yourself and those around you.

4. Same Output as Your Traditional Pump

A worry that may cross your mind is that these cups would not be able to collect as much milk as a traditional pumping system can. Since each cup holds 8 oz. of liquid (16 oz. total for two cups), these pumps will output the same amount as your traditional pump. New moms are able to single or double pump at one time with this system. At work, double pumping on a lactation break will help you make the most of your time. At home, single pumping allows you to pump into one cup and breast feed your baby on the other side. Not only will you bond more with your baby, but double pumping will leave you more time to accomplish other tasks on your to do list.

5. Compatible with Leading Brand Pumps

What if you already have another pump? Luckily, Freemie offers  Connection Kits that make the Freemie Collection Cups compatible with many leading brand pumps. Some of the breast pump brands that can be used with Freemie are select pumps from Medela, Ameda and Philips/Avent. Inside a connection kit, you will find all of the tubing, connectors, and filters needed to connect the Freemie Collection Cups to that specific pump. Plus these connection kits are inexpensive, less than $20 per kit, making it cost effective to make the switch.

After reading these five reasons, we hope you can see why  Freemie Breast Pump Systems are the best breast pumps for working moms. You can find the  Freemie Freedom Breast Pump, the Freemie Equality Breast Pump, the Freemie Breast Pump Collection Cup SetFreemie Connection Kits and more accessories at Shop  here for the best deals on Freemie Breast Pumping products, plus receive FREE Shipping on your order.

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