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Transfer Benches

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A transfer bench is a bath safety seat used to move a disabled or elderly person in and out of a bath tub. Basic features of bath transfer benches include an extended width plastic seat, backrest and four aluminum or steel legs. This bench straddles the side of the tub with the two legs inside the tub typically containing plungers for increased grip of the bath tub floor. A person using a transfer bench will sit on the end outside of the tub and and slowly move him or herself across the bench to the seat inside the tub, transferring one leg over the tub wall at a time. Easy to adjust, snap buttons are used to change the height of the chair to meet the height requirements of the patient. Bath transfer benches are best paired with an anti-slip mat so while the patient moves from wheelchair to bench, they don't risk slipping or tripping on a typical bath rug.


How does a transfer bench differ from a standard bath chair?

While there are many similarities between a standard bath chair and transfer bench, the most noticeable difference between the two is the length of the chair. A transfer bench features an extended length which allows the user to sit down on the outside of the tub and slide on the bench to the inside of the tub. A standard bath chair sits on the inside on the tub so the user must step over the side of the bath tub wall first before using the chair for bathing.


What different types of transfer benches are available?

There are several different types of transfer benches that we offer on our site to suit many needs. A transfer bench may have a molded plastic seat or a comfortable padded seat. Some transfer benches have a commode opening and some do not. Other transfer benches feature a sliding or rotating seat while other benches feature a stationary seat. There are also bariatric transfer benches which are made to be extra strong to support a higher weight capacity. A few transfer benches have a combination of these features to address multiple bathing needs of the user.

Transfer Benches with Plastic Seats make bathroom cleaning and sanitation simple and hassle free. Both plastic back rest and seat are supported by a metal coated frame that can be adjusted for a persons' specific weight and height. The seats of these transfer benches can be sliding or stationary depending on the mobility of the individual. In addition, some models of transfer benches offer a cut-out seat to accomodate a commode attachment.

A padded transfer bench come equipped with a cushioned seat to help make the process of transferring from the bathtub or shower as comfortable for the patient as possible. Disabled or elderly individuals who experience pressure sores will receive the additional care they need while bathing from a padded transfer bench. A transfer chair may be combined with a commode pail for multi functional purposes.


How much weight can a transfer bench support?

A standard transfer bench can support up to 400 lbs. A bariatric transfer bench can support between 400-700 lbs.


What materials are transfer benches made from?

Transfer benches are made from strong molded plastic and a corrosion-resistant, durable aluminum frame to help dry quickly and stay in good shape for an extended period of time. Rubber suction cup tips provide additional stability to prevent the chair from slipping out underneath the user.


Are transfer benches portable?

Yes they can be, but not very easily. A lightweight aluminum frame allows the transfer bench to be transfer from one location to another. However a transfer bench may need to be disassembled to transport as transfer benches do not conveniently fold.


How difficult is it to assemble a transfer bench? 

A transfer bench is very easy to put together and often does not require any tools to assemble. With the purchase of each transfer bench, the box includes assembly instructions to assist the buyer with putting the bench together.


Will a transfer bench work in the shower? 

A transfer bench is typically used in the bath tub to help an individual easily move over a bathtub wall and into the tub. While a transfer bench could be used in the shower, a standard bath chair would most likely fit better in this tight space.


How do I know if a transfer bench will work with my existing bath tub?

Before purchasing a transfer bench, we suggest measuring the length, width and depth of your bath tub and compare these measurements to the dimensions of the bench you like. Also, remember to measure the height of the outer bath tub wall as the transfer bench will extend over the top of this wall. Checking these dimensions will ensure that the transfer bench will be compatible with your bathroom.