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Bath Lifts

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Limited mobility? A bath lift is the cost effective bathing solution you need!

The rise of new and improved technology has brought more innovative bathroom safety products into the marketplace, including power shower assists and bathtub lifts for elderly. Bath lifts are designed to help caretakers transfer and bathe elderly, disabled or paralyzed individuals who require full assistance in the bathtub or shower. An electronic bath lift for the disabled can be purchased with a reclining back rest or a fixed backrest depending on the physical demands of the individual user. Additional benefits include a non-slip base and an easy to clean surface. Unlike your typical bath chair, shower assists have extra electronic features controlled by a a remote control to make patient care easier for the caretaker. Because there is no installation required, a bath lift is a cost efficient bathing solution to avoid expensive bathroom renovations. Typically used in transferring patients from a wheelchair into the bath tub, these height adjustable lifts are great for patients undergoing therapy or have lost movement due to an injury or stroke.


What different types of bath lifts are available?

There are two different types of bath lifts available: a fixed back bath lift and a reclining back bath lift. A bath lift with a fixed back provides a sturdy and safe back rest for the user but does not have the reclining feature. A bath lift with a reclining back allows the user to be in a lounge position for comfort and ease of bathing.


What is the difference between a standard bath chair and a bath lift?

A standard bath chair differs from a bath lift in how it functions. In order to adjust a standard bath chair, the user must manually change the height. An electric bath lift requires no manual labor; the user adjusts the height with a button on the remote control.


What types of tub can a bath lift be used with?

A bath lift fits most style bath tubs no matter the width, length or depth. Bath lifts are compatible with alcove, free standing and Jacuzzi bath tubs. The bath lift is height adjustable so it can be lowered to the height that is best for the tub and most comfortable for the user.


How much weight can a bath lift support?

A bath lift can safely support up to 300 lbs. of weight.


How difficult is it to assemble a bath lift?

A bath lift is very easy to assemble. The lift arrives to the customer in either one or two pieces depending on the type of lift. To make construction as simple as possible, bath lifts do not require any tools for assembly.


Is a bath lift a permanent installation?

No. A bath lift is a temporary unit that does not require any installation. This feature makes the lift the perfect cost effective bathing solution to avoid expensive bathroom renovations such as a walk-in bath tub.


How does a bath lift attach to the bathtub?

A bath lift anchors to the floor of the tub using high strength suction cups on the bottom of the lift. This creates a non-slip base to ensure the user is safe from the unit slipping out from underneath them while bathing.


Are bath lifts portable?

Yes. Bath lifts are lightweight and easy to assemble making these bath chairs convenient to transport. There is no need to unassembled the lift! Simply fold down the backrest, remove the unit from the bath tub and carry to your car- it is that easy!