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Overbed & Bedside Tables

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With so many variations of overbed tables available, we have the right one to suit your needs!

For those patients confined to a bed for an extended period of time, overbed tables provide the portability and versatility they need to feel more comfortable. Designed to work in conjunction with a hospital bed, these overbed tray tables provide a mobile option for meals or entertainment. Rolling casters allow hospital tray tables to be moved anywhere throughout the house or facility to assist with a variety of daily tasks. In a patient's room, medical overbed tables can be used as a surface for playing cards, resting a laptop, eating dinner, reading a book, or writing a letter. Overbed tables are height adjustable to allow the table to be used with beds and chairs of varying heights.



What different types of overbed tables are available?

From pivoting tables to non-tilt surfaces, we offer a wide selection of overbed tables on MyCareHomeMedical.com. Choose from standard to bariatric hospital tables- we provide the lightweight or heavy-weight overbed tables to suit your needs. Some overbed tables feature a tilt top while other tables feature a non-tilt top. Also, an overbed table may have a U base frame for use with a chair or a H base frame to accommodate use with a bed. There are several different wood finish colors to choose from for the tabletop, including walnut and mahogany. In addition, we carry overbed tables specifically designed for compatibility with lift chair and specialized for left or right side use.


What is the difference between a tilt top overbed table and a non-tilt top overbed table?

An overbed table with a tilt top surface features a surface that can be angled towards the user to make tasks, such as reading, easier. An overbed table with a non-tilt top features a stationary surface that can only be adjusted by height, but not by surface angle.


How much weight can an overbed table support?

A standard overbed table can support between 25-55 lbs. of weight depending on the brand and type of table. However, a bariatric overbed table is so heavily reinforced that it can support up to 500 lbs. in the locked position.


What materials are overbed tables made from?

The tabletop surface of overbed tables are made of wood grain with a laminate finish of walnut, teak, mahogany or solar oak and vinyl edges to resist damage. The frame, base and column of hospital tables are constructed from welded steel for strength and durability.


How difficult is it to assemble an overbed table?

All overbed tables are easy to assemble and come complete with an instruction manual to provide assembly direction.


What is the standard height adjustment range for an overbed table?

Typically, overbed tables feature a range of 28”-45”; however a low height overbed table features a range of 19.5”-27.5”. Please refer to the specifications in the description for each product for the exact height range.


What are the highest and lowest height adjustments for an overbed table?

The Overbed Hospital Table, Tilt Top (13008) from Drive Medical has the highest height adjustment reaching a table surface height of 46”. The Overbed Hospital Table, Low Height (13081) also from Drive Medical features the lowest possible height adjustment at 19.75”.