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Safety Grab Bars & Rails

Prevent slips and falls without damaging your bathroom!

The best thing about the newer model grab bars is that they can be affixed to almost any surface & don't require a drill or mounting kit. Unless you plan on installing a hand rail as a permanent fixture, most people prefer a system that, if they want to move the rail, won't damage the wall or surface. These grab bars with suction cups utilize the pressure you apply to them & locking the tab into place to keep them "locked" to the wall. There are also options that use tension to connect between floor & ceiling as well as no-drill options that attach to the outside of the tub wall. As opposed to grab bars permanently fixed to a wall, toilet safety frames are portable and can be easily removed from the bathroom. 


What is the difference between toilet safety frames, bathtub safety rails and grab bars?

There are many different types of bath safety rails available. To determine the best safety rail for you, you will need to decide where you need the support in your bathroom. If you need help lowering and raising yourself onto the toilet, a toilet safety frame would suit your needs. If you need assistance stepping in and out of the bath tub, a bathtub grab rail can be attached to the outside wall of the tub. A safety grab bar can be attached to a wall or any other flat surface in the bathroom to help you steady yourself and prevent falls.


Can safety grab bars and rails be adjusted?

Most styles of grab bars, toilet safety rails and portable suction grab bars have adjustable features. An adjustable clamp width allows the grab bar to fit and adhere to various bath tubs, and an adjustable handle height helps to meet the length needs of the user. Some styles of suction cup grab rails, knurled textured grab bars and fold out grab bars cannot be adjusted and have a fixed length.


Are grab rails portable?

Thanks to advanced technology, many grab rails are now portable, temporary constructions as opposed to fixed, permanent bathroom renovations. For example, portable suction grab rails uses easy to release tabs to mount and separate from any flat surface in mere seconds.


How difficult is it to install bath safety rails?

Many types of bath safety grab bars and rails are simple to install without any tools necessary. Brackets, locking clamps or suction cups allow grab bars to be set up or removed easily without any damage to the bathroom. Specialty grab bars require more effort and a few tools to install as they must be attached into wall studs.