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Freemie Hands Free Breast Pumps

At one time, mothers were only able to breast pump in the privacy of their own home. That has changed with the Freemie Hands Free Breast Pump Systems.


freemie-freedom-set-deluxe-300dpib.jpgWith Freemie's hands-free pumping, and carry and conceal capabilities, mothers can now save time and increase productivity by breast pumping fully clothed. Pumping will now fit into your daily routine without seeming like a time-demanding task. Cook dinner, play with family or help with homework, the system's hands-free breast pumping allows you to multi-task around the house. Use your pump at the office or even in the car- Freemie goes where you go.


In addition, Freemie Hands Free Breast Pump will create less distraction for you and those around you. The pump makes a relatively quiet sound to not disrupt conversation. Furthermore, the concealable collection cups were designed to slide discreetly under the shirt and into your current bra to help you maintain your modesty.


Freemie products are even compatible with leading brands including Medela, Philips Avent and Ameda. This revolutionary system is truly the best breast pump for working moms on the market. Pick between the Freemie Freedom Pump Deluxe Set and the Freemie Equality Breast Pump Deluxe Set and see how Freemie pumps can make your life easier today!